Design Consultation

What is our electrical design services about?

Totally Ampeds has seen a lot of mistakes by our clients over the journey which we believed could’ve been avoided.  These mistakes include the very basic forgetting to put a power point where you want your TV to go to fairly major stuff ups like not thinking to run power to the back shed when they had the fences down and the backhoe digger already on site.

Totally Amped like to communicate work with your builder or architect before a piece of dirt has even been turned. We not surprisingly do electrical installations everyday, our experience allows us to highlight many potential problems before they become problems, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

Our electrical design services include a detailed plan of light fittings, power points, internet connections, ceiling fans, down lights, aerial connections, interior and exterior lighting etc.  All of these should be installed into place before a single sheet of plaster is laid, which means if you haven’t planned ahead you are setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Reading the architects or draftsman’s plans can be a daunting prospect so why risk signing off on a design that you may have some doubt about.  Remember an architect has many other aspects of your house design to consider so it is possible for them to overlook a powerpoint in a corner of the living room.

Our Electrical Design Services

  • Electrical layout plans
  • Home automation design
  • Underground reticulation design (including cable sizing, voltage drop etc)
  • Solar system design
  • Exterior Lighting designs (house, tree and landscaping spotlighting or highlighting)

Electrical and Lighting Plan Examples

Below are some examples of the types of design services we can supply you for your electrical and lighting needs.

Ground Floor Electrical DesignLighting Plan

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