Our Process & Garantee

The secret to Totally Amped’s success is great processes and reliable systems

A business is only as good as the processes they have installed in order to provide consistent services to a high standard over time.

Totally Amped Electrical understood this from the very start and implemented software allowing them to track all Totally Amped electricians and all projects in the system.

So how does Totally Amped having great processes and systems help you? Well have you ever experienced any of the following..

  • Not sure when your electrician will turn up?
  • Electrician didn’t turn up (forgot about your appointment).
  • Couldn’t or wouldn’t give you a project quote.
  • Took too long to finish the job and went way over budget.
  • Paperwork was incomplete, and the invoice had fee for service and then the amount, no itemisation or job description.
  • Incorrect work commenced or incomplete.
  • Time frames for jobs were insufficient so they left the project unfinished until they could find the time to come back and finish it.
  • You explain the job to one electrician they provide a quote then when someone else turns up to do the job you need to explain the whole job to them again.
  • Lack of communication, no phone calls, no returning phone calls.

If you have experienced the above, you are not alone. We know our customers wants and needs, so we have made it our mission to crush the perception of the typical tradesman by implementing our following system.

The Totally Amped System

Step 1

When a job/task is received the clients details are entered into our system, this includes all the details we currently have about the project. If required, multiple locations can be created for each client which enables separate addresses and contact details for each location. Once a location is created, the details are available to use again each time a task is required at that location. This is beneficial to companies which have multiple sites or real estate agents who have many properties that they manage.

Step 2

The job is then scheduled and allocated to a field technician (one of our Totally Amped Electricians).

Step 3

The technician then logs into the job once onsite. All the client details and any notes about the job can be seen using the PDA interface, including any notes which may have been applied on previous visits for that task.

Step 4

Before leaving site, all details relating to the task are entered, including labour, materials, notes and OH & S (JSA’s). Photos, files and certificates can be attached to the job for future reference. The job is then logged as pending or completed.


Step 5

Once completed, the job is invoiced with a detailed list of parts used and is mailed or emailed to your address.


Our Business Standards

  • As you have probably discovered by reading this far, we are very different from other electrical contractors.
  • Job tracking enables us to guarantee a day and time for your job, we are well organised.
  • Our paperwork is correct and easy to understand for your accounts payable team, we provide lots of details we like to be transparent with our dealings.
  • Documentation and compliance requirements delivered on time and fully complete.
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We are fully committed to the very highest professional quality of work and service. Only the best is acceptable.
  • We pride ourselves on excellence, great communication and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. For us, business is all about relationships.
  • If you are after the very best electricians and want to feel valued as a client then you have landed on the right website.
  • Give us a go and never look back, we are excellent value and very reliable. We look forward to meeting you!

How we like to work with you

  1. We need to fully understand exactly what it is that you require.
  2. We then work with you to outline the best possible outcome for your requirements.
  3. If required, we’ll price the job and submit a proposal to you.
  4. Once you are totally satisfied we provide a start date and time to you.
  5. The designated crew from Totally Amped Electrical will then arrive and commence the work.
  6. Once the work is completed, we sign off with you and process the paperwork.

The Totally Amped Guarantee

We stand by the high standard of our work. If there are any problems with any of our work or clean up after we have finished the job, we will return to the site quickly and at no further charge to you.


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