Today’s Totally Amped Tip Tuesday is something a little different but something I thought you might find interesting!

Introducing my Totally Amped workstation. (and yes, it is colour coordinated)


The star is without a doubt my Varidesk; a height adjustable standing desk that allows me to switch between sitting & standing throughout the day.


You’ve probably heard that sitting all day is bad for you (not something our busy sparkies have to worry about) but I’m sure anyone who has held an office job etc can relate.

The ability to stand at my desk has many benefits including cardiovascular health and better posture but it also increases morale & productivity! (happy employee = happy employer am I right?)

IMG_0668 IMG_0674

The Cube Corner 48 has a triangular display surface with a 33 1/2″  (85.1 cm) depth, which means it fits comfortably into most standard cubicle corners, while still offering complete stability in either the standing or sitting position. The generous 48″ (122 cm) width means it can accommodate dual monitors, and the roomy keyboard and mouse deck gives you plenty of space for typing and maneuvering in ergonomic comfort.

Like every VARIDESK standing desk model, the Cube Corner 48 features a patented two-handle, spring-assisted lifting mechanism that makes it easy to move up or down in just seconds with minimum effort.

  • Sized for standard cubicle corners: 33 1/2″ d x 48″w (85.1 cm x 122 cm)
  • Holds up to 35 lbs (15.8 kg)
  • Sits on top of existing desk
  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended
  • Large work surface accommodates dual-monitor configuration 2 tiers: top display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck

I cannot recommend my Varidesk enough to my fellow office workers who might find themselves feeling fatigued or with lower back problems from sitting all day. It’s a great investment that will “improve the way you work and is a positive healthy habit”. You can even download the Varidesk app to your smart phone and it’ll remind you when you’ve been sitting too long or when to give your legs a break. It also tells you how many calories you’ve burnt by standing at your desk which I find to be an excellent added incentive!


We spend so much time at our workstations, we need to make sure they are working for us! And with that being said if your office space needs a new lighting plan, additional powerpoints or data cabling solutions, you know who to call! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sarah the Totally Amped Admin Officer

If you’re interested to learn more about standing up to sitting disease, check out Varidesk

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