Have you had an electrician tell you that you HAVE to install a safety switch? Nearly every day we have to explain to customers that we need to install a safety switch in their switchboard in order to comply with AS3000/2007 wiring rules. So I thought I would give a brief explanation as to why and show where you can find the regulation and see that it is true.

Referring to AS3000/2007, Clause 1.9.3 states ” Every alteration of, or addition to, an electrical installation shall be deemed to be a new electrical installation, and all provisions of this standard shall apply to every such addition or alteration”.

The reg can then be found at clause 2.6.3 titled: Where additional protection is required. The section is lengthy but the relevant key points state

  • Additional protection by RCDs (safety switches) with a maximum rated residual current of 30ma shall be provided for final sub circuits supplying:

a) one or more socket outlets; and

b) lighting points; and

c) directly connected hand held electrical equipment, eg directly connected hair dryers or tools

It then goes on to say that this applies to pretty much all  installations be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

So, when we are asked to perform work on an older property which does not have a safety switch, we are required to install one to meet our obligations under the Electrical Safety Act.

Personally I think it is a great move forward to bring this regulation into action as it will give you, the home owner, peace of mind that you and your family have the required protection in your home, and I can honestly say it WILL SAVE LIVES!!!

Thanks for reading and if you have any electrical related questions, please ask away!!!